Tips for a wedding dress in summer

Wedding Dress 300x217 Tips for a wedding dress in summerThe marriages are extremely important event for women, and I do not mean just for brides but also for the guests, those friends who accompany the bride on her big day and also hope to shine and be beautiful, of course, without overpowering the bride.

These events occur repeatedly and throughout the year, and that is why we also bring our Costume to every age and color of the season, taking into account the climate and trends that come with each season.

Trends in dresses for summer 2011 We have a predominance of short dresses on the long, clear, hot weather, we show tanned legs! The height is slightly above the knee and flared skirts often, recommended for a little chubby legs, as it helps to simulate, or tube-type, which shapes your figure for long legs. The subtle shine come with the sequins and fabrics like satin and silk to replace the ornate patterns.

As for designs, Dresses for summer are mostly strapples or V-necklines and sleeve on one side, we recommend to girls who have little to go by strapples bust, and those that have a bit more prominent use of V-neck

The marked waist is the detail that highlights the summer and that figure can be complemented with an adequate and combined belt, mostly when in a marriage during the day allows us to be a bit more informal. We can also give us the license to use designs with a touch of color to complement our look.

In the summer, the sun rises, so let’s try to use strong colors and living resources that highlight the skins tanned sunbathing we’ve got a few days before the event. Remember also that if we go to a summer wedding, but at night, We have a little more careful in the choice of color, because light will not illuminate us the sun, but the lights of the party.

To carry our things, a handbag. Avoid large portfolios because they drop a little elegance to our look. Also, if you are using a patterned dress and / or more than two colors, our bag is full color, if possible the same color shoes, and our Accessories are not overloaded, some beads in her ears and neck a necklace of tiny river.

If otherwise, our Solid colored clothing is, Let’s color with a long necklace that has a colorful stone, earrings that combine and why not, a handbag striking color.

Do not forget that we have to choose the dress, above all, let us comfortable and happy to enjoy the party. A summer wedding is a long event and so we should be satisfied with the choice we made; ourselves regal, elegant, fashionable and above all comfortable to dance and conquer.

The summer is a fun time, super-colorful and joyful, and let us also pass on our love for this season with our costumes.

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